This page is intended to provide an overview of the ServicePower Status page, provided by Atlassian.

The status page contains a graphical representation of components - these relate to ServicePower products, along with their current status and the ability to review historical uptime.

Example of page below:

Individual Component Overview

By clicking on the '+' icon next to each component, sub-components that make-up the overall product solution can be seen.

The example below shows the constituent parts of our Hosted Gantt solution (US Region), comprised of:

  1. WebGantt Application
  2. Empowement Application
  3. ServiceBroker Service

ServiceScheduling Single-tenant Overview

As ServiceScheduling is single-tenant (One ServiceOptimizer & ServiceManager install per customer), each customer instance is detailed under the 'ServiceScheduling-EU Backend' and 'ServiceScheduling-US Backend' - EU denoting European & UK based customers, US denoting North American based customers.

Each ServiceScheduling customer is assigned a customer code (example highlighted in red box in below image), with two components, one for the ServiceOptimizer service (2 in example below image) , one for ServiceManager (1 in example below image).  Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) via e-mail or the Support team via Jira to be provided the customer code relevant to you.

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